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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Doggie day afternoon
nanowrimo 2010
The afternoon went well. My doggie is at home and doing well. She is still in the process of being housebroken, so there are disasters awaiting. Still things have gone fine. I have to make a major doggie-stuff shopping trip, but that can wait for the weekend. The dog is a female, a redhead with golden eyes. She's about 18 inches at the shoulder, and has a little of shepherd and maybe a little of foxhound in her ancestry. She's certainly a fairly complex mix. She is smart and very playful, only 8 months old, and quite affectionate. Names suggested so far:
  • Vraiment - pronounced "Varmint"
  • Scarlett - for Scarlett O'Hare from Gone with the Wind
  • Rubric - Rubi for short
  • Jirel of Joiry - for the pulp fiction character
  • Cinnamon - for her color
  • Fuscia - for Titus sister in Ghormengast
  • Magenta - for the color and the character in Rocky Horror
More l8r

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going to have her trained as a guide dog?

And I like Magenta :o)

no, I don't really need a guide dog, and prefer to have a pet just now. I may need a guide dog in the future, but I would prefer to go through the usual channels and get a "working dog"

behind closed doors we go to war, ALL OUT

definitely not vraiment!

my suggestion: name her after a pokemon.

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