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nothing much today

I encountered two items that have interested me. Yesterday my prediction that the French would suffer economically from the American boycott of things French came true. It would appear that exports of French wine are down by about 25%. Anti-French feeling does run deeper than I expected. Today, I saw a LiveJournal report of a little old lady on the train platform who told off a war protestor who laid hands on her. It was a satisfying account.

I am becoming very resentful of the behavior of many of the anti-war types. It is all very well to criticize the government, to protest, to complain, and to try to change things, but the continual sarcasm, the unreasoned statements, the outright lies, and the tendency to confuse liberty with license is making me angry. I am not being driven to a pro-war stance as much as I am becoming anti-anti-war. That's way too weird for me.


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