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I'm scared

I'm just flat-assed scared. In seven days I have had three episodes that are probably TIA's - small strokes. I don't know what to do about it and neither, apparently, does anyone else. There is no certainty that this is what has happened, but nothing much else explains the events.

Last week I poured tea all over myself, then wet myself in the bathroom. ALl in a kind of fog where I didn't really know what happened until afterward. Yesterday I suddenly became violently nauseous, dizzy, and utterly exhausted. Both those episodes put me in the ER. Last night I got up in the night to pee and just keeled over. I woke up some time later (seconds, minutes, an hour?) and found I had wet myself and the floor.

I stayed home from work today hoping to see the doctor but couldn't get an appointment. I will go to work tomorrow. I don't know what to do if something else happens.

I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting for the big stroke to hit.


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