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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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(no subject)
nanowrimo 2010
Things are a little better today. I'm more rested than I was earlier in the week. I had one disturbing occurrence. My son Joe stopped by, knocked and rang the doorbell and failed to wake me. I don't know how that could be as I don't really sleep through such things. I've recently been told that I slept through phone calls, too. I don't know if I am developing a deep sleeping pattern or if I'm having TIA problems.

The CAT scan and other tests didn't indicate what happened to me Thursday but I think the prevailing opinion is that I had a TIA, a mini-stroke. Such things sometimes happen without leaving any evidence or much in the way of permanent damage. I suppose now I'm in for a regimen of low-cholesterol dieting and an increased dose of lipitor or some such.