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Another day another weird event

I'm home today after about 9 hours in the emergency room yesterday. It's not all that bad, but it is severely scary. I had a bad episode at work and wound up in emergency. I was sitting at my desk and poured tea all over myself. That's not a big deal in itself, but it was weird because I just kept pouring even after I knew I had missed my mouth.

Logically enough I then headed for the men's room and sopped up the tea off my shirt. Not all that much really, but it was annoying. Then, since I was there, I stepped up to the urinal. When I was done, I reached down to sip up and discovered I had wet all over myself. I didn't even notice what was going on until after.

Blood sugar can cause some odd problems. Confusion, unresponsiveness, that sort of thing. I went back to my office (that was a trip that will reset your ego to "humble" mode and tell you who your friends are) and checked. My sugar was 243. That is high, but not all that high. 200-300 is not an uncommon reading for me. I was a little surprised it was so high as it had been 86 at breakfast and Ihad had my usual meal with nothing to supplement it save a cup of tea. I had no sweetener in the tea.

I got a ride to the ER. It seemed the thing to do. The doctor there CAT-scanned me, drew three or four gallons of blood, and subjected me to radiation in non-lethal doses. To no purpose, it seems. No theory was offered as to why I would do these things. My behaviors were more typical of low glucose levels than of high levels and neither was true. I was high, but well below the range that typically produces problems of this sort. The CAT-scan was to rule out a stroke - more precisely at TIA Transient Ischemic something-or-other - and apparently did so. The blood tests showed no sign of heart problems

Sometime today they'll examine the Hell out of the veins in my neck to see if they are blocked. I will also see a neurologist, but probably not today.

Today I'm at home, watching for odd behaviors and trying not to pour anything on myself.


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