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O crappy day!

Things have been miserable for two days. My cold is coming back and I can't get to the pharmacy before Thursday. It has taken nearly two years, but I am finally beginning to miss the ability to drive.

My house is getting slightly more organized. The kitchen is mostly "there" in that it is just about fully stocked with gear and that gear organized reasonably. Things are a little rocky, but they have improved to the point of usability.

My bedroom is almost finished. I think I have to clean out a nightstand to complete things. The bath needs work.

My living room still needs a lot of organizing. I have to move some furniture out and a little bit of equipment in.

Unpacking remains slow for lack of any place to unpack things into. I had never realized until now the tremendous number of "containers" of things in a home. Look around, closets, bookshelves, chests, dressers, cabinets, desk drawers, filing cabinets, and all the petty little boxes, under-bed storage containers and trunks.

Work is very stressful. I am finally getting some work I can do but it is not going to be easy. I am stunned by how circuitous a route is required for me to reach simple goals. A simple task of comparing members of three libraries required the writing of a program and cutting-and-pasting one whole list. I hope it never gets real long. It took me hours to write a simple REXX program. I worked over three hours to create a program that I could have written in fifteen minutes. Even when I know precisely what I am doing, my vision is making my life miserable. I could have dictated the fucking thing to someone faster.

My life is not getting better. Where is this "new normal" I keep hearing about? Where's the acceptance that will allow me to be happy with the fact that I've become incompetent and my life a piece of shit?


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