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Pain and suffering.

I'm headed for the doctor today. I'll spend as much time in bed, with the electric mattress pad turned to "Toast Your Buns". I am paying the price for bowling yesterday. A bunch of us took half a vacation day and went bowling. I did reasonably well, bowling 4 lines, 128, 100, 110, 125. That's a 116 average. I used to average a little better than 150 before my vision changed. I think 116 is pretty good considering I can't see the pins. Basically if it involves throwing the ball straight down the center of the lane I do OK. It works out.

I seem to have a full-body sprain. I haven't bowled in over 5 years. I stretched and pulled muscles I haven't used since then. I am in incredible pain at the moment. I got up at about 4:00 because my legs cramped and woke me. I took a long, hot shower. It helped for a while but I had to lie down soon. I'm going to spend most of my time in bed until my doctor appointment. It is time loaf.


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