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I’ve seen a hundred ways to spend my quiet days
And finding more is just not on my list.
I like my quiet life with my kids and with my wife
And never dream of things I have missed.

With butter-yellow light shining on my world so bright
I seek to spend my time the way I choose.
So I never break my back nor follow any tack
That keeps me from the life that I pursue.

Riding horses in the morning then breakfast ‘neath the awning
Leads to music in the sitting room and tea.
Then luncheon on the grass and an hour that I pass
With a nap and contemplation wild and free.

My day moves on to painting while all my guests are waiting
For a masterpiece we know will never be.
But I paint for sake of art and never play the part
Of maestro while I sketch beneath the trees.

When tea-time comes around and my friends all hear the sound
Of the bell that summons all of them to me
We sit and solve the riddles and conversationally diddle
While the sun sinks down behind the tree.

Shadows on the lawn bring on an early yawn
Presaging supper served to just we three.
Conversing of the day, in their animated way,
My wife and child both buzz away like bees.

I take my news into the parlor where naught may damp the ardor
With which I sink into the book I read.
An hour in Atlantis with my wildest brilliant fancies,
And I find my mind has subtly been freed.

With imagination whirling I go to my little girl-ling
And I tell her stories so that she’ll then go to bed.
Then I retreat to the embrace of my wife in creamy lace
And I let my thoughts quiesce within my head

As I quiet for the night and turn off the bedside light
I sigh contented and quite happy in my soul.
I drift away to sleep with the thought I ever keep
That my life I’ll clasp quite fiercely to my soul.

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