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Things work out when you least expect it.

The weekend turned productive when I wasn't looking. My kitchen is now in pretty good shape. I bought the primary item I was lacking, a chef's pan, and now can deal with some things that were a problem before. I moved a baker's rack from the basement into a corner and piled it high with the appliances I don't use often but don't want to bury in a cabinet — my deep fryer, crock pot, small electric cooker, rice cooker, and the like. I use all of those just often enough that I don't want to go rummaging around under the sink to find 'em.

I also purchased a rack for cooking utensils over the stove. In the "country kitchen" atmosphere that prevailed until recently, spatulas, spoons and such were simply dumped in a crock at the back of the stove, convenient, but not the way I like to do it. Adding a hanging rack will suit me better. To facilitate hanging the rack I also acquired one of those Black & Decker drill/screwdriver/sander/jigsaw/multi-tool thingies. I already had one, but I haven't been able to find it. It is lost. Doubtless as soon as I get home tonight it will be lying in plain sight and I'll wind up with two multi-tools. Oh well, I can practice my ambidexterity.

I moved my microwave off the kitchen counter and onto a stand away from the center of things. It is slightly distant for ideal use, but I need the counter space.

My next project will be my immediate living space in the fireplace room. I want to basically clean it up and organize the computer desk and the "other" desk. Neither of those are small things. I need, also, to string some phone cord hither and yon. The living/dining room/kitchen area of this house has one and only one phone jack. It is miles away from anywhere useful and necessitates stringing well over fifty feet of cord to put a phone anywhere convenient.


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