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The best laid plans of mice and men l. . .

*Get shot to shit as soon as you attempt to implement them.

I wanted to go to the doctor today and they even made arrangements for me to go and wait until he could see me without an appointment. Then my ride cancelled. I called my bus but they can't take me without a day's advance notice. I could call a cab, but even on payday (today) I don't have the extra twenty bucks. I called his office and am waiting for a call back. If he will give me a big antibiotic shot or something I'll go in. Otherwise I'll just ask him for a prescription and have someone bring it by to me tonight. The whole world seems to want to stand in the way of my ability to get well.

By the gods this flu is horrendous. My fever this morning was 101.9° and that is about as low as it has been since Saturday last.


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