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I've been offline for a week. Cable companies lie to me...


I can't sleep. When I wake like this — almost every night — I usually just roll over and doze but tonight it just isn't working.

I am moved. I am back in my house on the West end and I will be unpacking until I am at least 108 years old. It's not, mind you that I have a lot of possessions, I do not, but this house if full of other people's possessions of which I have no need and in which I have no interest. I suppose I packing more than unpacking, but it feels like the same process.

I have been hurting my back — never a difficult thing to do — on a daily basis shlepping things to the basement or the garage. I seriously think I may just box stuff up and call a mover or something to move it for me. There's a service here in town that will basically do "whatever" for about $20 an hour. I think on payday I'm going to hire them to move stuff downstairs and pack anything I haven't put into boxes.


Still awake. I watched Absolute Power. I've seen the movie before, but it was worth a second look. It is a bit of a sentimental story and I'm a Clint Eastwood fan.

Things have not been going well overall. My life is becoming more complex in spite of all my attempts to simplify. I think my finances will improve now that I have moved. The full effects of the move remain to be seen.


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