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wunna dose daze

Today someone looked up some sort of horoscope and told me that I was going to have a "5 out of 10" day. Maybe.

The morning sucked. I woke up later than I intended because I forgot to set my alarm. I almost always awake just before my alarm goes off but last night I forgot to set it. I woke about fifteen minutes late at 5:45 instead of 5:30. No big crisis, but things went downhill from there.

  • I slipped in the shower. No biggie, I didn't really even lose my balance, just a reminder that I still haven't put those non-skid thingies in the tub. I guess since I'm moving Sunday I won't have to do that.
  • No biscuits for breakfast. I forgot to make them last night. By the time I notice it was to late to make them. I had some sausage/gravy biscuitty thingie (see dinner).
  • I took out the trash. On the way back I tripped on the dog's chain. You know, the dog that nobody in this apartment or the one upstairs owns. I lay on the porch for about five minutes until my knee stopped throbbing and I could no longer stand the cold (16°) and hobbled inside.
  • My bus arrived late. My knee still hurt so I didn't mind waiting. I guess that one evens out.
  • I arrived at work to find my chair had been adjusted very low. Either somebody tall used it to work at my computer (and why would they do that?) or I have been the victim of a midnight requisition. I can't tell if it was my chair or not. The ass groove never was comfortable so I can't be sure if this is a substitution.
  • I made coffee in the french press and spilled grounds in the sink. No biggie save that the only observer was the individual who last sent 'round a memo to the effect that we have to stop putting "food" down the sink. *sigh* I always seem to be the one that gets caught.
  • Went and offered the press to Randy (a fellow coffee enthusiast and he botched his too. Too cups of coffee used up a lot of beans...
  • Sent the valentine memo of the day (get you valentines from the employee association today!). Just as I sent it I got a note from the EA President with a recommendation for a change in wording. Murphy was on my back today.
  • Went to the bathroom about 10:00, cried for fifteen minutes and then got on with life. I wish I could stop that. It is so humiliating.
  • My bus arrived for my Dr. Appointment early. The appointment was for 3:00. The bus arrived at 2:20. The distance to the Doctor's office is about five miles. *sigh*. Well, I hadn't prepared to leave (I expected the bus a little after 2:30, at least), so it took about five minutes to log off, get all my shit together and get to the door. Just in time to see the bus drive away. I called and he came back, but it was a pisser.
  • The Doctor was running late. My 3:00 appointment happened at about 3:45. That seems par for the course these days.
  • I like Doctor Diesel. He is a D.O. rather than an M.D. He seems a sensible soul and was reasonable in all he said. He seemed to be willing to take on the work load of managing my miserable health. I have made him my new PCP.
  • Because I wasn't willing to make Dr. Diesel my PCP before ever having laid eyes on him my insurance company insists that it cannot pay for my visit. There goes $90 bux in a hurry.
  • Ricky came by about 19:00 wanting to collect for some school fund raiser to which I had promised $10. I am financially embarrassed. I had no money. I sent him away with a promise to pay Thursday. That would be too late, Tuesday is their collection day, he explained. He offered to just scratch it out. *sigh* I wrote him a check. He didn't know what to do with it (the kid is 10 years old) but I assured him that his teacher could handle it.

A "5 out of 10" day? I dunno.

  4 march Moved to Seattle - turns out to be a very bad job - and I got low-balled on salary despite a 5% increase over my salary in Florida. Seattle is unspeakably expensive. I commute to work by bus. The annual pass costs me $400. I hate the bus.
  2 April Found an apartment at last. It is three bedrooms and about 5% smaller by square footage than my two bedroom in florida and is literally twice as expensive. My hotel bills and car rental while house hunting runs over $2k. Deposits, storage and moving eats the rest of my signing bonus and savings. I am broke.
  MayI discover that tags (license plates) for my SUV will cost me $500 per year in Seattle. My insurance ($50 per month in Florida) will run around $150 per month in Seattle.
  July My son and my roommate come to a parting of the ways. He moves out.
  November Begin treatment for depression. E.D. sets in.
  17 December My Roommate has a tumor the size (literally) of a watermelon removed. I delay my departure for Missouri for a few days. My last day at work. I quit my job without another to go to - a first in my life.
  23 December Went home to care for my parents. Drove Seattle to Jefferson City in 2 days.
  10 January My father begins falling occasionally
  February My father begins having TIA's, "small strokes"
  20 March Began work as a contractor at my old employer. My salary drops $20k
  27 April Moved my family into a house in Jefferson City, This put my parents near the hospital and gave my sister a new start.
  7 May My birthday - Dad goes to the hospital. He falls and lays on the floor for 45 minutes until he grabs a phone and calls home.
  27 May My father died.
  10 January Became an employee at my old employer where I was contracting. My salary drops about 20%
  15 June Lost my vision - one month too early for my benefits to kick in.
  1 July Began short term disability - half pay.
  November Turned down for disability tried to return to work but was ignored.
  January Returned to work
  25 May I attempt suicide
  8 June My brother is arrested
  10 June I return to work
  1 July Started a 3-month course at Alphapointe
  10 July My brother's court case is postponed
  1 August My kids move into my family home
  September My brother's court is postponed
  November My mother moves out of the house to get away from my kids, My sister closes the house, I move to an apartment downstairs from my kids.
  15 December My mother died
  January I am stuck with maintenance of my brother's house in Cooper Hill, the mortgage on the house in Jefferson City, my kids are under-employed and I'm paying their Utilitiy Bills, I am now responsible for my brother's phone bill.
  February My brother's court case is postponed
  16 February I move from my apartment back to the house

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