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My list revisited again. Item at a time this time. It's too long otherwise

I've published this list before. Now things have changed a lot but haven't changed at all. *sigh*

1. My mother is dying
1.1. She won't take her medicines
1.2. She ignores doctors advice

That's over and done with. She passed away the 15th of December. I'm dealing with a lot of issues.

  1. The "farm" is in multiple names - I have to get Mom's Name, mine, and my brother's off. That means putting it in my sister's name. I don't want it, my brother can't own it for fear of it being confiscated when he goes to prison, and my sister can't afford to own it. *sigh*
  2. I have to file taxes for my mother.
  3. I have to pay off her cremation costs.
  4. She and my father want their ashes spread. I don't want to go. They want it in a place I never shared with them. I don't have words to say. I don't want to do it. It will hurt feelings if I don't go. It will hurt my feelings if I do. I'm not going. *sigh*
  5. My mother's wheelchair is missing. The supply place is screaming for it. It's a hundred miles from here or from the place that want's to pick it up. Do they rent those things anyway? I thought services bought the bloody things through medicare.
  6. It goes on and on. I won't list everything.

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