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I'm feelin' poorly

The Entry


Things have been painful this week. I saw George on Tuesday and it left me very unsettled. I went home really shaken and feeling bad. I can't say why as the conversation was mundane in the extreme.

I've been slightly ill for two weeks. I go through periods of headcold stuffiness to stomach-flu queasiness intermingled with arthritis-like aches and pains. I was late to work Wednesday (about 9:30 instead of my usual 8:00) but I made up the time that evening. I had to stay home and make some calls as regards my mother's remains. I don't know where they are. My sister hasn't them and I haven't heard from the Funeral Home. My father would have been amused at the thought of his ashes being mis-delivered by the postman. I think my mother would not. *sigh* One more thing. I nearly called in sick Thursday but that may have been more of exhaustion than illness.

The work I am doing is interesting, but not very exciting. I am researching a software product. I guess I'm to be the local expert on such things. I was also given a problem report to work on. It is mostly research so I think it will not be much of a problem.

I am anxious to try out my pastels and my table-top easel. I rather think though that I will wait until I've moved. There is no graceful place here for me to work. When I've completed some drawings I'll photograph them and load them to this site or my homestead.

I've seen two bits of writing this week which have engaged my interest. They are related, vaguely. The first is a post in which one of the LJers listed his or her (I don't recall) multiple personalities and described them. The other was a link to otherkin.

While I don't put a lot of credence in multiple personality disorder as a diagnosis (I don't understand how it can work when I think everyone has multiple personalities - personae), I was intrigued by the possibility of listing all the personae I assume in the course of dealing with other people (and myself?) and naming them and describing them. I wonder if I can give myself multiple personalities by dwelling on the subject? One day I will list all my personal and try it. If somebody besides me answers the phone next time you call … you can just check the list.

otherkin blows my mind. The idea that if a woman can be born "trapped in a man's body" that an elf can be born "trapped in a human's body" is an interesting one. It implies a great theory of what happened to the Elves and Dwarves, Dragons and spirits, that are so much a part of our mythology … namely that they disappeared because they started being born into human bodies. The possibilities are endless.

I'm thinking of creating a survey one day for people to fill out. Not to to find out if they are Otherkin, but to see just what you think you'd like to have been born into your human body as. A survey to see which among us would like to be dragons and which water sprites. Leave me a note if you will and tell me if you like the idea of a survey. What surpernatural creature might be inhabiting your body?

The Poem


Here fierce eyes of crystalline peer through a human's wat'ry blue
There a crest of bone and horn is seen as bangs of brunette hue
Eyes that watched dragon's wings in flight against a deep-blue sky
Now watch from out a human's orbs and see tall skyscrapers rise
A soul that lived for fire-lit song in company fair and fell
knows computers to his core and gives no longer thoughts to war

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