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The Vanishing of NuniaBiz

Once in the long ago there was a strange woman living in the desert.

She was not strange at first, but one day, when nobody was looking, one of her toes vanished.

Rightly assuming that this would not happen while being observed, she opened up a roadside tourist attraction and displayed her feet for all to see.

While this was Heaven for truck drivers with foot fetishes and made for an interesting website, there were simply not enough people interested in watching her feet (especially when they couldn't see the toes vanish) and all her toes gradually disappeared.

One day sitting with her feet up on the display, her left foot vanished.

Interest was revitalized! People came from miles around to see the Circling NuniaBiz exhibit. However, walking about leaning to the left eventually wore thin and the crowds once more abandoned her.

Her remaining foot vanished.

She had special pair of stilts made and for years was able to impress the crowds with here incredible speed (over 45 miles an hour) and dexterity. Still, eventually the crowds abandoned her and her legs (both at the same time) vanished.

Walking about on her hands left her unfit as a tourist attraction so she got a job in a nearby truckstop as a garage mechanic -- she could scoot about under the cars and trucks with great ease -- and for a while she was happy again.

Came the day, however, when no cars broke down, her boss called in sick and she was left alone. Her arms vanished.

TorsoBiz was found by a perverse trucker who took her into the men's room, placed her in one of the stalls, and sold her for $15 a visit. This actually worked out quite well for a while, but even truckers have theirlimits. After a year or so the lines thinned out, fewer and fewer customers showed up and finally, you guessed it, her torso vanished. Her head plopped into the rather nasty toiled where she drowned.

It was sad.

I couldn't sleep.


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