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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010

I'm cold today. It snowed in the night, just about three inches, not much, but enough to make everything white.

My bus made me late. It arrived so late that I saw some of the neighborhood kids come back from their bus stops. Either they missed their bus or it was very late indeed. Some busses ran snow routes. Pointless. The snow wasn't that bad.

There might be more snow tonight. Maybe another three to six inches, depending on to whom you listen.

I don't like snow. I hate the cold. I never cared much for it and now it just plain hurts. The cold causes my knee and my shoulder to ache with arthritis. Even when I get warm it is unrelenting - somehow my bones know that it is cold out.

I discovered today that I can't see it snow. I used to watch it snow. I remember sleeting strings of ice in the sky and big fluffy flakes. I never liked any of it. Now that I can't see it I feel the loss poignantly.

Just my contrary nature, I guess. One more thing I can't do; another thing has slipped away.

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I'm cold as well. I suppose it's about time for me to fly south for the winter.

*somebody who wishes he could fly*

you learn to fly ... Teach me? Promise?

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