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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Still sleepless after all these years
nanowrimo 2010
Woke at 1:00. I've been typing for hours and now will go back to bed. I hope I'll sleep.

Most of tonight's writing was done be SC so I haven't been able to do more on Kodrus. I wasn't in the mood, really. NuniaBiz made some good remarks and a revision I think I will incorporate. Hate/Autopsy (not sure which I like better, but "hate" is only 4 letters …) showed an interest. I am pleased at that. He is precisely the demographic for which I write and I have respect for his opinion in that he is a poet with apparently prodigious output. I confess I don't much understand his poetry, but why is that any surprise?

My work on my "official" website as well as SC's Vast Online Lair is flagging. I've thought of a number of pages to add to the VOL but can't summon the enthusiasm to do it. Here's a partial list of things I'll eventually get to (or not):

  • Table of organization showing the structure of my organization
  • Table of organization showing the structure of SoulCorp
  • Table of organization showing the structure of my legions
  • The lackeys' page showing their activities and assignments
  • The Minions' page with a page for each new Minion and a picture
  • Aunt Janet's Home page
  • Hans von Büffel's Home Page
  • Wolf's Home Page
  • Calvin's recipe page
  • The LFDCMB Home page

I am not looking forward to work today. I can't face it. I'd like to just stay home, but it is getting expensive to do so. Guess I'll just grin and go to work.

I'm going to make an appointment with Doc Aruba for next week and with Doc J. My health is entirely too fragile these days and my sleeplessness is 'way over the top. Something of some sort needs doing.

Began re-reading "Vittorio the Vampire". Despite NuniaBiz deprecations, I enjoy Anne Rice. Vittorio doesn't' fit the usual mold and is a major switch from my recent reading. In reviewing my most recent books, I find that I have read no science fiction since November. Anyone who knows me would simply not believe the statement. I find it disquieting, myself. A major shift to fantasy is quite out of character. I think I'll go ponder it with my eyes closed.

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autopsy is my main online moniker, i guess
that and cerebro

hate was just what i coined on here when i wanted the name 'xavier' and someone else had it =|

hindsight 20/20: i should have used "autopsy".. but as you said, being 'hate' has the distinct advantage of the ease of typing.

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