nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Summarizing the holiday - trudge, trudge, trudge,ouch, snore, trudg, honk, ouch, trudge, snore.
nanowrimo 2010
The day at work was difficult. Everyone left early save for a few workaholic holdouts, some carpool prisoners and, of course, me. I spent most of my time documenting what I was doing. Sad that I've had to start a diary of work.
Turkey Day was enjoyable. I spent the preceding evening being raided for pots & pans, spices, whatnot in the name of the turkey. The turkey raiders upstairs are doing Thanksgiving dinner, you see.

I enjoyed the dinner quite a lot, the food was good, the crowd was congenial. I didn't feel well, myself, as I've had a flu-like illness since Monday last, but I managed to be content. The crowd did D&D afterward and invited me to play. I just couldn't. I would have liked to but I was just plain too ill. I retired, stuffed as the turkey had been, early.

Friday was a nothing day. I found myself stymied repeatedly. I wanted to do some laundry but felt woozy on my one trip down the stairs. I was surprised to receive mail. I thought the Post Office would have a four-day weekend if anyone did.

I watched movies most of the day, The Man Who Would Be King, yes — again, Lord of the Rings, yes — again, Highlander, yes — again, Girl, Interrupted, Druids, and Fight Club. I wandered about doing other things while they were running and did not actually spend twelve hours with my ass plastered to a chair …

My laundry plans were thwarted again. When I went below, both washer and dryer were full. *sigh* maybe Sunday. My back bothered me quite a bit so I don't need to be rambling up and down stairs anyway. No movies today. The Simpsons first year episodes arrived by mail. I watched that but did not much enjoy it. I really liked the Simpsons but found that I just wasn't in the mood. I liked the "General Bart" episode best — where Bart organizes the school to tackle Nelson the Bully.
I anticipate little activity today. My back is really bothering me and my flu is in full flower. Just blowing my nose is excrutiatingly painful. Yuck.


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