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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Yesterday didn't go as planned


The Plan

  1. Get up early, get started on a new week with a fresh perspective.
  2. Have a good breakfast.
  3. Roll into work and solve that damned #377.
  4. Spend a productive day and figure out why concatenated libraries aren't scanning correctly using 3.15.
  5. After work head to the old house and pick up a few remaining items, clean up the place a bit.
  6. Watch Law and Order while eating a moderate dinner
  7. Get to bed early - for a change - and sleep well.

The Actuality

Got up on time Monday. When did I ever sleep late? I shuffled around the place and had a couple biscuits with sausage and egg for breakfast. That's about twice what the dietician says I should have, but less leaves me hungry all morning. I made it to work early (halleluiah!) but got off to a slow start. No change for coffee and the machine won't break a fiver.

The work day was dreary. I finally got a note back from Freedom Scientific explaining why I couldn't read from my TP monitor under Windows2k. Turns out to be a cursor problem If you make it an underline and blink at maximum rate, JAWS works better. *sigh*. It took me nearly an hour and a half of various trial-and-errors to get that set, but it worked fine after that.

I worked on the SuperC concatenation problem for a while. My test results are erratic. I don't know if it is me, a faulty test, or just my perception of the results. I hate the fact that I don't regard my own observations as reliable input.

Working on SuperC gave me a splitting headache on top of the one I have every day. Eye strain, I guess, but I suspect having any product chattering JCL into your ear for a couple of hours would give anyone at all a headache. There is nothing in the world more obnoxious than having someone read you JCL (ask anyone who's tried to fix a JCL problem by phone at 2:00 am while an operator read it to them). Having it read loudly, without emphasis, at a just-this-side-of-Alvin-the-chipmunk speed doesn't hellp.

The rest of the day was split between taking aspirin, checking e-mail, and trying to figure an approach for handling an on-line program in the screen reader.

Bright spot du jour. My boss has assigned me an FD to do. Work unlike what I am doing but still a raging pain. At least it doesn't involve reading COBOL all 8 hours of the day, part of the time I can work on the FD. For those non-techies out there, it's not Fire Department. For all you techies out there, it's not File Description. It's a Functional Design. Essentially it is a requirements document. I have to figure out where changes have to be made and put down the details of what those changes are to be. Not a tough analytical task at all. This particular one is a bit troublesome to me as it involves programs I don't know at all and I don't really have a starting point. I'll get some help Tuesday morning and things should move smoothly. I'm really anxious to prove to the bosses that I can do something useful.

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I know that in my company, there's a crying need for a mainframe programmer who has time to write the specs and talk to us. We have nice friendly programmers, but they are catastrophically overbooked, so the design specs are 'by guess and by gum'.

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