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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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I thought about making this a private or friends only entry, but . . . what the fuck?
nanowrimo 2010

Well yesterday was sheer Hell. There are three significant types of stress in my life; techno-stress is caused by computers and computer software; proleto-stress is caused by the rank and file of my cow-orkers; bureaucro-stress is caused by management. I had all of those today with a little coinci-stress and chrono-stress thrown in.

The techno-stress was my screen reader software. It was annoying in the extreme to have to reboot so often. I've been granted a pretty kick-ass computer. It's a 2.8ghz machine with 512m memory. It has all the speed I could ask. Unfortunately the software leaks memory so badly that the machine chokes about three times a day.

Proleto-stress I'll not discuss. Leave it that my compatriots are at leas occasionally idiots. I am too, so I've no room to talk, but it doesn't make it less stressful.

Bureaucro-stress pained me extensively. I met with the higher-ups on the subject of my attendance. I don't think it's been all that bad save that I had the flu and it kept me home four days. Happens to everyone, but I feel my hours are being heavily scrutinized. I've always been meticulous about my hours. When I could I made up time, where possible I took time as personal leave or sick leave. I've been off a lot of late - unavoidably. I hope this scrutiny is not just a ploy of some sort. There's a number of people who keep much less regular hours than me. I was surprised to learn that doctor visits couldn't be put down as sick time. I wonder how I'm supposed to put the time down. I usually just make up the hours by working late, but when I can't I wonder what I'm supposed to do? I'll ask someone tomorrow.

I'm having a hard time keeping my temper these days. I'm snapping at people to often and my cynical nature comes out as bitter instead of my usual wry manner. I feel like my wit is drying up or deteriorating somehow - dying I suppose form lack of exercise.

After what was already a long day I met with my shrinkologist, and was picked up after that appointment by my sister. She came by my new home to introduce her dog Nicki to the place ... I am dog sitting this weekend. My sister then took me to my first meeting of the local NFB chapter.

As a new member I will be involved with the local web page and with producing some large-print documents. Apparently the group has been laying in wait for me for some time - wanting a computer person, I think. They seem like a pleasant group of people, but I feel like I've arrived at the party and been sent to sit on the sofa with the nerds and the Indian guy.

The whole meeting was somehow vaguely depressing.