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Behold a mind divided



Well, I am finally moved; what a relief!

I'm in my own place, my stuff his here, and I am slowly unpacking.


Who precisely am I kidding?

I gave up everything I owned when I moved to Seattle in '99! I have no stuff here at all and the crap that got shoved around this time is just a nuisance that I am pissed off to have to have dragged here just to throw away. What the fuck am I supposed to do with a dozen boxes of paperbacks?

Today will be Hell on wheels. I have a meeting all morning, another meeting at 16:00 with my boss, her boss, and her boss. then have to rush off to my shrinkologist at 17:00.

Now that I think of it, the morning meeting is one from which I am excluded, they are doing design work and not ready for the test team as yet.

Meeting with the higher-ups is nervous-making. I don't have much to show for my last few weeks of effort. I wish I could do something the company valued other than read COBOL 8 hours a day . . . a futile activity for me if ever there was one.

My Shrinkologist has suggested that I might try doing multiple things at once so as to fully engage my attention. A good idea on the face of it, as I have always done so anyway, it hasn't worked out as yet. I always did read a book while listening to the radio and watching TV. And! I really did do all those things without missing much, it was not just background noise to me. However, listening to two books at once, while it does engage more of my attention - I get most of both books, by the by - is just hard to do, not enjoyable. *sigh*

I haven't decided what style to inflict on my surroundings. I'm torn between "renaissance faire cottage" and "high-tech baroque."

In the former, I would, literally, furnish my apartment from rennaissance fairs and SCA events. It could be cool. Kind of like the cottage Sir Loin of Beef visits when he want's to get away from those hectic days at the castle.

In the latter, high-tech baroque, style I would try to emulate Dune in that I would like to put together a gadgety place that looked like it was designed to last a thousand years. That could be very expensive.

The trip to the Salvation Army is Thursday night. I am so fucking tired of not owning anything that doesn't need deloused. Just once more in my life I would like to have a living room set that matches, a table and chairs that doesn't in any way involve formica or plastic, and a bed that has been slept on by nobody before me.

I won't have phone cable and internet at home until 3 December. I can't say it will be a hardship, but it is certainly inconvenient. I have my cell phone (which gets a signal at home, unlike my former location) for emergencies. Cable won't be a big deal to wait on. I do find lack of internet much more frustrating than anything else.

Being without a phone pisses me off, but at least I have the cell. Lack of cable is actually annoying in that I have become addicted to Law & Order and will be missing a couple of weeks worth of Smallville. It's basically a little thing. As to Internet. OK, I lied. It is frustrating. Frustrating? I think I'll go gnaw down a tree. Using the Internet at work is like riding a bicycle without a seat . . . you can stand on the pedals just so long but eventually, you're going to sit down.

The bus will be here soon. Off to work!

Christ on a pogo stick! The friggin' bus is about to show up! Here we go again, once again into the barrel!


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