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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
Well, I've found a new place
to live.

My sister is heading South (to Southern Missouri), my mother has moved in with her Cousin and will likely stay there for the winter. This hoous will be empty within about three weeks.

I've found a house in the center of Jeffersn City. It was buitl as a duplex. I will occupy the two bedroom flat downstairs, Joe and Lisa will take the upstairs. It works.

My address and phone number will change. I'll post those later when everything is swithched over. I may even throw out a floor plan.

Anybody got any furniture?

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Yay! That sounds like a good solution for you. Less "who moved my biscuits"!

this is an attempt to have my own space. It is increasingly difficult for others to share my space, for me because I can't seem to convey to them that moving things around is dangerous even with my relatively high level of low-vision, and for them because I am increasingly paranoid about things going on around me without my knowledge. I wonder if that is something common to lotsa blind people. I must remember to ask no_pity and blindpeople!

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