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Haunted, Hollow, Man

Hollow Man

He walks his world of incognizant shame
His senses blunted and out of frame
He knows not the ways of others
And cannot heed (or seldom bothers).

The burdens that he bears are his
To bear alone for all his days
He does not even know of this
But accepts it, as the world's one way.

Nothing inside him matters at all
He hides behind a mental wall
He hides nothing there behind
Save appalling emptiness of mind.

The emptiness is what the world to him
Has given again and again you see,
It's left him hollow and sadly grim
And makes him feel he's never free.

Others saw him not , nor spoke to him
Save to inflict as on a whim
The electric chill they through him ran.
That tortured, haunted, hollow man </center

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