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Hodiernal Sciamachy

This has been a tough week. My sciamachic tendencies are to the fore and I find myself wasting a lot of time. Not a good thing right now.

Hesternally: My VoiceNote BT arrived this week. It is a big hit with me. I like the Braille input. I was afraid that I would not. I am really getting good at typing using the short forms, the contractions, and the like. Soon I will be typing as smoothly in Braille as I do in English. Now if I could just read it as well. That just takes practice. The only problem I have encountered with the product is that it assumes that I am going to emboss things rather than print them and creates files in a .kwt format. I can convert them to text files pretty easily, but I haven't figured out how to create .doc files (as advertised in the manual).

My mother is home, got home last night, and started a fight in the first few minutes. She apparently threatened to kill the cats and put Joe and Lisa out. Worse, they took her seriously. I'll grant you they couldn't know her personal experience with an annoying dog and the local Sheriff's response to my Dad's suggestion that they just shoot the damned thing - namely that giving it one of Dad's heart pills would take care of the situation. It's been sort of an inside joke in the family for years. Yeah, I know it sounds morbid and where's the joke, but you have those stupid things in your family too.

I believe my mother will probably stay in Jefferson City through the Thanksgiving Holiday, even though she is already making noises about going back to Washington, MO and her cousin Nola. It would appear she wants to be coaxed to stay. I'm willing, but I feel insincere. I love the lady dearly, but she is making herself and others unhappy to such a degree that I can't (me personally) deal with it. I can't speak for others. I do know that things are constantly disrupted in her presence. I think I'll try to get her a therapist. I don't think she'll go.

Hodiernal activities: I am having guests tonight, Will and Aaron will come by to discuss the nuances of Version 3 D&D play. I need to develop some questions so I don't look like a complete idiot. I hope that my mother won't be upset by their presence, but I set up the visit before I knew she would be home.

D&D is taking up a little of my time now. I can't say I'm really very interested, but it does allow me an outlet to do some writing. I am creating a Version 3 campaign that I am calling "The Varifold Isle." Varifold is not really a word. Variform is more precise in this case, or, perhaps, diversiform, even omniform. The hook for the whole campaign is that the island on which the players find themselves has seven "counties." Each of them is different in geography and character to a degree impossible in any real geographic sense, but what the Hell, this is fantasy role playing, ain't it? The kicker is that at the center of the island is a gate through which you can, if you are carrying the correct item, enter an identical island with seven different "counties." The place is not infinite, the direction you are going determines the version of the island to which you go. That gives 77th possibilities. Of course, the possibility of carrying any two items, or any three, or any fourteen, for that matter, allows me to expand the number of versions available of each count. I suspect, however, that the players (and certainly I) will tire of the place long before we go through the basic 7 million (7x7x7x7x7x7x7=7,000,000) possibilities.

I've found a lot of information about blind people playing role-playing games. I guess it is accessible enough. Role-playing is essentially a bookkeeping task, as long as you have some means of keeping track of things it should be easy enough even with no vision.

More later.


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