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Today is one of those days. I just couldn't get started this morning. Things at work are starting slowly. The 25¢ coffee is getting smaller every time I get one. I think I'm going to bring one of those "instant cappuccino" mixes and have a mocha every day.

At home things are as they are. My mother calls every day saying she might be home at any time. I just hope she'll give a day's notice. She left without a house key and won't be able to get back in. I don't want to have to listen about her being "locked out" if she comes back unannounced.

I went to D&D again this weekend. The session wasn't especially good. Things were late in starting and got confused around supper time. There was a bizarre event in which it appears that the crack house next door to the place we played sent out an emissary who stole our charcoal briquettes - the bizarre thing is that it appears to have been done after they were lighted. This caused dinner to be late and play resumed only after an interruption of nearly three hours. The pork steaks were tasty.

I am packing at home. I have done little other than organize the mess in my mind as yet, but the process has begun. I am going to discard a good bit of clothing and extraneous crap. Tonight I plan to re-arrange the furniture in my room that should cause a major stir in my possessions and prepare them for discarding or boxification, emboxment, or whatever.


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