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over the weekend

I was rather ill all weekend. "Stomach trouble" as the euphemism goes followed by a bad head cold. It all culminated in fever and chills Sunday night that left me unfit for work Monday morning. I felt very bad calling in sick, especially as my attendance has been an issue. Less than a week ago I assured the bosses that my health was good. So, of course, I caught the first round of flu to come around. I'm back today and miserable. I have a stunning headache and still feel exhausted. I think maybe my fever is not really gone.

My mother moved out Monday. She will be staying with her cousin for a few days. Her opinion of how long she'll stay differs substantially from everyone else's but why should that surprise me? The plan is for her to stay a week or so. She thinks she'll stay a few months. Maybe she will. She certainly has every chance of being happier there than at home. Her health is very poor right now. She has cracked a couple of ribs and is uncomfortable at all times. I hope she and her cousin will get along well enough that she will eat a little better and maybe be motivated to move about a bit.

While she is gone I'll be looking into home-based care. I don't really think I can afford it, but I will see if I can have someone come in to help her out and basically be there if she has problems. I can possibly come up with about $100 a week. I think it is likely to take twice that even for someone part-time.

Well, we shall see.

My son and I discussed a role-playing game called Shadowrun this weekend (I couldn't do much but talk) and created the beginnings of a campaign. The whole concept is rather 3rd-generation Gibson with a touch of Blade Runner, James Bond, and Mad Max thrown in. It should be interesting. I can't imagine getting involved in RPGs again, but it is fun to talk about.

Plans tonight include seeing Red Dragon . I hope I'll be feeling well enough to pull it off. I'm to see the doctor at about 16:15 today. I often feel so miserable after a visit to the doctor that I don't want to do much. Red Dragon will be the first movie I've seen in the theatre since Harry Potter. I didn't enjoy that move or Lord of the Rings as much as I wanted to. I did enjoy both, but they were so dark in many scenes that I could only listen. Unfortunately the quality of the in-the-theatre movie experience is not substantially better than watching it on television. It seems pointless to go to the hassle of the theatre.

I am nearly completely a zombie today. I suspect work will be exhausting, no matter how much or little I get done.

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