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Yesterday was a stressful day for me. I can't identify the precise problem, but it doesn't matter.

I saw George in the afternoon and made up the time by staying late. The company definitely did not get good value for my time, I was so exhausted I did little but page up and down over the same code I've been trying to crack for two days. It seems impenetrable to me. Perhaps a fresh perspective this morning will help me solve it. I think in future I'll make up time by coming in on a Saturday. At least I won't be so exhausted that I'm not productive. Of course, as my health improves I may be less exhausted.

I'm going to be acquiring a new bed in the next month. It will make a big difference in my sleeping, I am sure. Anything has to be better than the pile of knots in which I sleep now.

I have a writing project to finish for Mary and I owe her a promised Ode.


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