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Well, the long-awaited meeting has taken place and I am more delighted than I could have ever hoped to have been. I am always rather cynical in this journal, but that has always been my nature. Usually, I am borne out … mankind tends to live down to one's expectations. In this instance I am happily quite wrong. While I'll not abandon my vision of corporations as faceless and unfeeling I will refrain (for a while at least, you know me better than to think I'll ever stop completely) from thinking ill of the people involved. Given numerous opportunities when I could have been abandoned, mistreated, or abused ad nauseum the best, rather than the worst has happened.

The details are not precisely worked out, but I will be changing the primary focus of my job. I will be attached to the "testing team" as a sort of "generalist" (my word) with duties that include writing and documentation, and some technical work as well. I'll remain an analyst of sorts but won't focus entirely on reading code. I could ask no more.

My boss actually encouraged me to think out of the box and to work to provide new ideas. In the past (in other places) that has been discouraged vehemently … especially when those ideas came from me. I'm polyphiloprogenetive where new ideas are concerned — I'll be in heaven.

For the first time since my vision changed, I feel like there is something within my grasp that I can do and in which I can excel.

It's not all sunshine and roses, but I'll not pollute this post with my usual gloom and doom.


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