Karl (louderback) wrote,


Another sleepless night. I seem to alternate sleeping twelve hours with sleeping none.

Yesterday I made Chili enough for the whole crowd at lunch time. I did enjoy cooking, but I have to say that my frustration level is at a new high. I always enjoy cooking, but the dance in the kitchen drove me crazy. I was constantly ducking around my ADL instructor. Several other people came in and I wound up working around them. I lost count of steps numerous times and had to sort of reset my location. I didn't have any significant accidents or anything, but I spent entirely too much time hunting for spoons and chopping knives.

The frustration of the day was not that cooking was harder than in the past, but that it was exactly as hard as it was a year ago when all this started. Isn't anything ever going to settle down into a nice smooth pattern? If I have to spend the rest of my life stumbling through compensetory techniques for simple tasks in order to achieve a mediocre result I don't think I can be happy. Acceptance issue, right?

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