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Time to get to work

The old Eater of Souls has taken about a two-day vacation from Badvogato. At least as far as diary entries are concerned. I suppose it's about time I jumped in and brought everyone up to date, lots of things have been happening.

This evil avatar of Karl, however is not up to much. The change in my medications has left me reeling with alternating starvation and anaconda syndrome (that's where you eat an entire pig and then sleep for a month just like the 40-foot Amazonian snake). The constant agrypnia has me worn down, but I guess the psychic stressors of the whole situation are stimulating my sparking little ganglia and neurons because I'm more productive of text these days and am seeing originality to the point of idiosyncrasy in my writing. Not necessarily a good thing, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Now if only there was some way to get my yard work done. There's an idea! How to make yard work creative? I suppose I could put on a grim reaper suit and go scythe the grass. Maybe clean the gutters with nunchaka all a-whirl. I could, I suppose, ascend to the top of the Pin Oak in the front yard and water the lawn from there … the neighbors might talk. Edging the lawn with a circular saw might be fun. You know, if I had a couple of hundred hamsters I could pen them all in the yard. They'd keep the grass down and fertilize too! Rats would be better but I can't imagine a pen that would keep them in. I think I'll replace my chain-link fence with sheets of Plexiglass. Then I can paint murals on them with tempera and color the streets and the yard every time it rains. I wonder if the zoning commission would object to me covering my roof with mirror tiles? On what grounds, I wonder?


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