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New consumer

Today was a day filled with puns. *shudder* I won't torment you with any of them.

My schedule was unusual in that I spent three hours with Jim. We had some interesting discussion.

Later I spent a few minutes walking about outside with Shaojun. I'm disheartened that such brief outings exhaust me. I was perspiring fairly heavily after less than twenty minutes of strolling.

There's a new consumer at Alphapointe. Emmarita is a woman with low vision. I don't think she sees very much, but my first impression may be wrong as I get the feeling that she is quite new to the environment. She has considerable trouble navigating at this time and we spent an uncomfortable few minutes Monday night trying to locate her room at the hotel. Emmarita is a pleasant person withal and seems upbeat. We completely forgot her at lunch today, though and that distressed me. We all shared pizza, just frozen pizza, but it was more a matter of conviviality than fine dining. We didn't get started until after Emmarita had headed out to the cafeteria and we all forget she even existed. *sigh* Next time.


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