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I've just returned from dinner with Joe and Lisa and Joe's grandparents, Joe and Bernadette. We went to a restaurant mentioned to me by Shaojun - Go Jo. It is a Japanese Steak House. It was a good experience.

Lisa had never been to such a place and was pleased. Joe and Bernadette are wonderful people We got along very well. I am pleased they decided to visit. They spent the evening with my mother yesterday and hit it off well.

I had one bad experience at the restaurant. I discovered that my vision no longer permits me to use chopsticks. What a massive pisser! I mean, really, it's not important but I just hate finding one more thing I can't do. I can still manipulate the 'sticks but I can't see my food well enough to cope with them. With a fork I can just scoop away. Chopsticks are way too selective a form of dinnerware.


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