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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Conversation with Katherine
nanowrimo 2010

Tuesday was a pretty good day overall. My Braille went well, though I need more practice on some of the level 2 short forms. I had a great conversation with Katherine. She and I are shockingly alike. I think we have a certain synergy, as many things she says either anticipate my own ideas or stimulate new approaches to the topic being discussed. I suspect she is outrageously competent at her job. I have a "homework" assignment: I have to write a letter to my new boss confirming our conversation and encouraging him to define some sort of position for me to come back to. This will enable AlphaPointe to make my training more specific and make it easier for me to be good at whatever new position.

Joe's grandparents are in Missouri. They will visit Kansas CIty this afternoon. I hope it will be painless. I like Joe and Bernadette. I expect we'll all have dinner together tonight. Joe mentioned a Japanese restaurant I found near Broadway and Westport. I don't know of Joe and Bernadette like sushi.

I haven't listened to my Wednesday schedule as yet (they give it to me on a cassette tape) so the day is a mystery. *sigh*

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I'm glad to hear things are going okay for you. I need to sign up for Braille, been dragging my feet on it for quite sometime. I don't really care for the Blind Center here in my area, they are mostly set up for the super elderly with MD. They don't know really what to do with a young woman, Mom, with RP. Even though the director has RP, it's the young Mom thing that throws them. I signed up for computer classes there. I was told I knew to much and that the guy couldn't really help me. *shrug* okay.

I wanted to take O&M but the problem was my baby. Well baby at the time. I would have had to get a baby sitter and that would mean getting onto one more government program to pay for it and then find a day care facility that not only had openings, but would take the vouchers. *sigh* such a pain in the BUTT. So I had a friend teach me, unorthodox, but was a much easier solution. Besides I couldn't STAND the O&M teacher, she was harsh, and brisk. I just don't deal well with those kinds of people.

Oh here I am rambeling again. I'm sorry.

take care!

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