Karl (louderback) wrote,

Joe and Lisa are settled, more or less. They've spent the last few days moving in. To everyone's delight, their belongings arrived after only three days instead of the 21 they anticipated.

Sunday was a good day for me. I didn't work much. The ride to KC was as exhausting as always. We listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the way up. Once here, Joe and Lisa dunked in the pool while I loafed. Afterward we went to a less than wonderful Chinese Buffet. *sigh* It was filling.

Today will be interesting. I have no idea what is on the schedule. I have a resume and references with me in case there is an interview in my future. I also brought a COBOL program and some JCL to show the AlphaPointe crowd. Perhaps it will help 'em understand what I'm saying about the difficulties of reading COBOL - well of having COBOL read to you.

More this evening

The day at AlphaPointe was low-key. We watched a video on the subject of résumé writing. It was horrible beyond description. While it did make some good points, it emphasized things that I think are absolute nonsense. I can't believe that the résumés they described get all that much acceptance by anyone actually interested in hiring someone. It is evident that they have never submitted résumés to supervisors or directors directly, but only to the big paper-mill human resources departments. I can't imagine trying to get a job in such a venue.

It occurred to me this evening that my stay at AlphaPointe is not accomplishing one of my stated goals. The original goal for which I came to AlphaPointe was to improve my skills as an auditory learner. This is not even being addressed. I have to talk to Clay and maybe Katherine or Chip about this as soon as I can.

I chatted briefly with Nuniabiz for a little while this evening. I didn't really have much to say. Sadly, the vomitous creeps who befouled badvogato are now present on bizvo. They are such a waste of space. I have never met anyone as lame as they. It proves the truth of that formula I learned from Jim Randolph back in the mid '80s

I've forgotten the precise nomenclature for reading it properly, but it is supposed to prove that assholes think other assholes are cool.

I'm done. Gotta crash for the night.


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