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A little more than a week's worth

Friday 2 August 2002

No major excursions today. I have to see Dr. Pontiac today. I'll get something for my back and maybe get some other things taken care of.

Thursday 1 August 2002

Met with my new boss at work today and went to RSB also. Work was a fairly productive meeting. RSB was pleasant. My back is still killing me.

Wednesday 31 July 2002

Slept late and woke with a pain in the back. Muscle relaxers help. Riding to St. Louis to pick up Joe and Lisa was nothing compared to roaming Lambert Airport looking for them. Misery curdled! I eventually paged and had them come to me. Survived the ride home by taking a break for a sandwich at Subway. It's good to have them here.

Tuesday 30 July 2002

I woke this morning and literally couldn't get out of bed. It took me two hours to get to the bathroom and back. I phoned in sick to Alphapointe. I don't know if I'm going to be able to take the ride to Jefferson City that is scheduled for this afternoon.

I survived the ride home. Tomorrow may be Hell.

Monday 29 July 2002

Today I have to wear a suit and do a mock interview. I guess it is to prove I've got a suit. I've conducted literally
hundreds of interviews. I think I've got the hang of it.

I bailed at Noon. My back was killing me. The interview didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday 28 July 2002

Another day of backaches. I had trouble getting out of bed today. I hope it eases off today. Usually these don't last long.

Saturday 27 July 2002

I had big plans to go shopping, see a movie, do lots of things. All down the pipes. I woke with a serious backache. Probably all the walking the other day. I spent the whole day in bed or on the sofa glaring at the tube.

Friday 26 July 2002

The day started with a walk to the WWI memorial nearby. It was less painful than Richard Simmons or the stairs but not very exciting. It involved crossing some grass with enough pits and holes to be a prairie dog town in order to reach a tall thing of which I could see only the base on a promontory overlooking a scene invisible to me. Based on the experience I'm crossing "visit Mt. Rushmore" off my list of things to do.

Thursday 25 July 2002

Another of those days that drag. I am rather sore today. As an alternative to watching a Richard Simmons tape we climbed up and down stairs for an hour. Now my shoulders hurt from the Richard Simmons tape Tuesday and my legs from the stairs today.

Wednesday 24 July 2002

I remembered to bring some frozen meals for lunch. It is a condemnation of the cafeteria here that I look forward to TV dinners as an improvement.

Tuesday 23 July 2002

Forgot my damned lunch again! Two days in the cafeteria are too many! Nothing else really doing today. I used the Perkins Brailler and seem to be getting better at it. I will ask RSB to get me one.

Today was my first "exercise period." We listened to Richard Simmons doing seated exercises. It was merely horrible. I had assumed half an hours of RS would be more dire.

Monday 22 July 2002

I really do hate Mondays. Chip turns out to know Python. I just knew he'd turn out to have some redeeming virtues - if one looks hard enough. I have promised Chip (threatened?) a version of The Lumberjack Song with a theme: "I'm an I.T. Proffessional". I've not finished it yet.

The day went slowly. I really dislike the sort of day that drags on and on. I forgot to bring food for lunch. I wound up eating in the cafeteria. It is so much like a high school cafeteria that I had flashbacks to those days and remembered people that I have forgotten for many years to hate. Catching up will be a pain in the ass.

Sunday 21 July 2002

Back in KC. I'll be here until next Tuesday. The week ahead is an unknown for the most part . . . more braille, more gadgets, I suppose.


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