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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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My job satisfaction profile
nanowrimo 2010
According to the dreaded and terrible myers-briggs test:
As an INTP, career satisfaction means doing work that:

  1. Gives me opportunities to constantly increase my own personal competence and power and lets me meet and interact with other powerful and successful people

  2. Lets me develop, analyze, and critique new ideas

  3. Lets me interact with a small group of highly regarded friends and associates, all of whom I respect

  4. Is done in a flexible, nonstructured environment, without useless rules, excessive limitations, or unnecessary meetings

  5. Lets me set and maintain my own high standards for my work and determine how my performance will be evaluated and compensated

  6. Is challenging and deals with complex problems, where I am able to try unconventional approaches, and take risks to find the best solution

  7. Lets me work independently with plenty of quiet, private time to concentrate and complete my thinking process

  8. Lets me develop ingenious ideas and plans and lets me delegate the simple implementation and follow-through to an efficient support staff

  9. Does not require me to spend time directly organizing other people or supervising or mediating interpersonal differences.

  10. Lets me focus my attention and energy on a creative, theoretical, and logical process, rather than on an end product

Well, that would be a dream job now wouldn't it?