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On the road again

I'm looking forward to my return to KC. I'm not in any way unhappy to be at home, but I am eager to get back to it and learn something useful. I sincerely hope Allphapointe will provide good information and access to some help.

I am feeling unutterably bad this morning. I'm tired and feel, well, squishy - if that makes any sense. I seem to be wading through a marsh.

Time has somehow compressed this weekend and passed most quickly.

I wish I was sleeping better.

I had a bizarre dream last night. I have related it at length in baddreams.

I will leave for KC after noon sometime. I may ride the train back next weekend just to do so before Amtrak goes belly-up. I haven't ridden a train in this country in over thirty years.

No plans for the evening, but I may break down and go see Men In Black II.


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