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Up again

Been up since 2:30 again. Read a little, wrote a little. Bored. Hungry. Growing irritated.

I'm not looking forward to today's chat-a-thon of a class. I don't like my teacher's style and I can't abide her hideous nasal twang. I'm just not into "country culture" now there's an oxymoron for you and her malapropisms and torturous mangling of the language make this class both interminable and excruciating. I can deal with "this thang" and "that thang" and "raht cheer own this here lahn of the chart" but it wears thin rapidly. It would be better if I was "learning" a topic that would be of use to me. Instead I am attending to make the State Employees feel that someone from my company gives a shit about what they're doing. C'est la merde.


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