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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010
Inspired by wiredferret and dedicated to the memory of Ogden Nash


... in memory of Ogden Nash

"Go Away!" and "Let me sleep!"
"You Dunderhead! You dope!
"I will not go to work today.
I'll stay abed and mope!"

"I won't call in -
I'll tell no one -
I mope and moan
'til the day is done!"

    My head in my pillow -
    my sheet pulled tight -
    to tickle my feet
    is to imperil your life!

"I feel rotten and tired
my soul needs a purge
turn and leave
and say not a word!"

"Bring no cold bucket!
Nor flaming hot tongs
No bumping bass!
Or loud country songs!"

    My head in my pillow -
    my sheet pulled tight -
    it's wrong to wake me
    even if it's not night!

"I'll dream the dreams
of an unhappy man -
of gloom and doom
and I'll mope while I can."

"I want to wallow
in morbidity black
and snore resounding
flat on my back!"

    My head on my pillow
    my blanket around
    I'll mope, bitch, and moan
    in slumber profound.

"Who are you
to cheer me up?
Let me drink to the dregs
my morbid cup!"

"In my mopery black
I want to wallow
and snore in a place
where none can follow!"

    My face in my pillow
    my sheet o'er my head
    splash me with water
    and you'll wind up dead!

"Gloom, despair, and
anguish has appeal
I want to think on bad things
and let my thoughts unreel."

"If you haven't guessed it
yet you dunderheaded dope
I'm in a really bad mood
just let me sleep and mope!"

    My face in my pillow
    my blanket awry
    don't peek in
    you'll regret the sight.

My face in my pillow
my ass to the wind
leave me alone
and prove you're my friend.

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(Deleted comment)
I do, indeed, have scruples, but there is an over-the-counter medication (a creme) that I apply daily and it is clearing up. How did you know?

(Deleted comment)
What? You mean those horns go through the helmet?

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