Karl (louderback) wrote,

My interests list and why they are there

  • abacination - Just because I'd be interested in anyone who listed it as an interest

  • ac/dc - I love the music

  • age of empires - I played it incessantly for years

  • alternative history - Harry Turtledove rox

  • angst - I'd rather read about it than have it

  • anne rice - Annie is my bud. I like her vampires.

  • asimov - The doctor writes about robots. Why else?

  • australia - I'd love to visit. I like the sound of Strine.

  • austria - If I could live anywhere in the world I'd live in Vienna.

  • authoring - Because I'd like to.

  • ayn rand - I love her doctrine that personal worth rules all.

  • bach - One of the three B's Beethoven, Brahms, and Bach.

  • batman - The Dark Knight is my hero.

  • beethoven - Ludie rules the grand piano.

  • blind - I didn't understand it and now I am one.

  • blindness - Somebody has to talk about it.

  • books - They ruled my life for 40 years.

  • books on tape - I hate 'em. There's got to be a better way

  • brahms - Nobody does it better.

  • c - As languages I give it a "D"

  • cajun music - I have fantasies about New Orleans, please don't disabuse me.

  • cinema - I am a film bug, so sue me.

  • classical music - I love the complexity.

  • computers - They've been my best friends for 20 years. Why have you forsaken me?

  • cooking - I used to be good.

  • david drake - OK, yes, I know. All that Vietnam Era rehash. I still like the stuff. Hammers Slammers Slam!

  • disabilities - When ya got one ya talk about it.

  • disabled - I'm trying to avoid the label but . . .

  • draka - Steve Stirling thought up a good one there!

  • e-books - They're bound to improve to the point where I like 'em.

  • electronic books - Must be doing something wrong but it's got to get better.

  • fantasy - My only vacation the last 35 years or so.

  • film - As opposed to movies? Nope.

  • films - Sounds a bit hoity-toity to me. I like moo-vies.

  • german - Well, one has to have some sort of heritage . . .

  • glen cook - I could be Croaker without half trying.

  • gothic literature - Gothic anything

  • gothic novels - Gothic anything at all.

  • graphic novels - Dark Knight got me hooked. I liked Vampire Lestat.

  • haldeman - Forever War is a milestone.

  • harry turtledove - Writes history the way it should have happened.

  • heinlein - The premier story-teller of our age. Note: I did not call him a good writer.

  • history - Those who do not remember it are doomed to repeat it. Usually in the 5th grade.

  • html - So I can have snazzy web pages.

  • hypnosis - So I can have snazzy ice-breakers at parties.

  • hypnotism - Because I am seriously interested in hypnosis.

  • impaired vision - I've got it, wanna chat about it?

  • laumer - If you haven't read him, you'll never understand.

  • lauterbach - My ancestral village in der Vaterland.

  • led zepplin - Led Zep/Pink Floyd/Led Zep/Pink Floyd/Tastes Better/Less Filling!

  • linux - I always think about Lucy's little brother.

  • lyrics - Well, Tom Waits lyrics, mostly. Jim Steinman's too.

  • mark twain - How can you ask?

  • meatloaf - See the Steinman reference in lyrics. Meat is the only rock star for which I have ever been mistaken.

  • metallica - You had to be there.

  • miami - You had to be there.

  • movies - I lived in a movie theatre for several years of my life.

  • mozart - Just because you have to like Big M if you like classical.

  • nlp - Neuro Linguistic Programming - 'cause I'm interested in hypnosis.

  • objectivism - I like Rand. I don't try to psychoanalyse her from her writings. I concede that the woman had "issues." Let's talk about her philosophy instead.

  • painting - I'm really bad at this but I love making a mess.

  • phillip k. dick - Just shut up and read him will you.

  • philosophy - Because I can't help it.

  • pink floyd - Less filling?

  • poems - I write 'em

  • poetry - I do my best.

  • poets - A surly lot and unsociable.

  • programming - The estranged love of my life.

  • queen - I'm still pissed about how the press treated Freddy Mercury's demise. Asses! Queen still rocks!

  • rand - Personal worth should rule all considerations.

  • reading - The other estranged love of my life.

  • robert heinlein - Story teller, philosopher, The preacher. Nearly as subtle as Oliver Stone when it comes to making a point.

  • robots - Well, because they're cool, what else?

  • roller coaster tycoon - I am actually no longer interested in this.

  • sci-fi - Damn you! Do not nit pick me over sci-fi, scifi, vs. science fiction. Who gives a shit what you call it you idiots. Just shut up and let me read! Assholes!

  • science fiction - Yet another estranged lover.

  • science-fiction - Just because people argue about the hyphen.

  • scifi - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • seattle - I like the city, wouldn't go back on a bet.

  • sesquipedalianism - If you comprehend you comprehend.

  • sopranos - I wanna be Tony. Know any other fat hairy guys that get great looking girls?

  • steinman - He and Meatloaf rule the world of bombastic music.

  • stirling - Draka!

  • strauss - I could waltz my life away listening to Johann.

  • sturgeon - The God of Science Fiction in the Name of Love.

  • talking books - Wish they were better.

  • tampa - I used to live there. What's it to ya?

  • teaching - I like doing it.

  • technical writing - Wish it was a remunerative profession.

  • the tick - *sigh* so sad the cartoon and the live action series both tanked.

  • theodore sturgeon - Nobody understands love better than Theo.

  • tom waits - Nobody else sings to the depressed so specifically.

  • twain - You have to read him to appreciate his world.

  • vampires - I wanna be one.

  • vampirism - Curse? Disease? Lifestyle choice? The jury is still out . . .

  • vampyres - Just to be gothick about it all.

  • vienna - I'd live there if I could.

  • visual impairment - What a politically correct term for blindness.

  • visually impaired - I is, is you?

  • waits - That would be Tom, the minstrel of manic-depressive.

  • web development - I tried my hand at it. It sucked.

  • wien - Vienna for those monolingual among you.

  • world domination - If I ruled the world I can guarantee I'd be a lot happier. No promises to anyone else.

  • writers - As uncompromising a group of unrelenting assholes as ever met in convocation . . . bless their black, flabby, hearts.

  • writing - I do it in private and wash my hands afterward. I publish only the results, not the process.

  • xml - I am losing interest rapidly.


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