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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Back at work
nanowrimo 2010
The week so far has been monumentally crappy. I'm back at work after my attempt to be off work forever. I just really am hating going in every day. I am doing work that is just not very useful to the company and while I am actually taking some pleasure in doing work that I can actually do it is not what I think of as rewarding.

They have me writing documents for the technically impaired. How to sign on to TSO, how to browse a record, how to look up information if various files. It is simple enough to do but I've done such work so many times over the years that it is a bit of a bore.

I completed a reference document yesterday of 1440 words on five pages. I guestimate that it took 6 hours to do and 2 to proof. That comes out at somewhere between 3 and four words a minute. What a snail's pace nightmare. In the training department back in the day I used to consider that it took a day to produce an hour of document/lecture. This document would take about five minutes to lecture, possibly ten for dullards among us. that's less than a quarter of my old accomplishments in a topic with which I am so utterly familiar that I don't even confirm my assertions, I just type it all from memory.


I just really want all this to be over so I can get back to some semblance of a normal life. "New normal" would suit me just fine, whatever it takes.

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That does sound frustrating. However, if you want to share, I am currently struggling with logging into TSO. ;> I am on the 'end-user' edge of the tech writing spectrum.

My page count per day is around 5-8, but I usually need to research. I almost never end up writing quite that much.

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