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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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The ghost of Harry Truman troubles me.
nanowrimo 2010
The bus doesn't run today because all state employees get Harry's birthday as a holiday. I had to bum a ride wth my sister. She got me to work at 6:30 and got to work half-an-hour late at 7:00. I have to leave work early for my appointment with Dr. Piggy so it works out.

My boss' boss invited the staff to a local ice cream place at 15:00 today - defacto dismissing everyone early. I can't go because it seems inappropriate to me to bum a ride over there and then leave the "ice cream social" in a cab at 15:30. Again the ghost of Harry Truman.


There is a little trepidation on my part as regards seeing Dr. Piggy. This is our first appointment. I don't know just how forthcoming to be. I suppose I'll wing it as I always do.

I'll be dining in at lunch time - the first time this week. Hooray! Monday I had lunch at a mexican place, my favorite in town, El Jimador. What does that mean, O speakers of Spanish? Tuesday's lunch was at the oldest restaurant/bar in Jefferson City, MO. The Echo Lounge has been around since 1945 and it looks it. They have a good ham and cheese, though.

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no relation, I'm sure...

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