Karl (louderback) wrote,

Last night was an unfortunate series of awakenings. I went to bed early and fell asleep immediately. I woke shortly after midnight and could find no comfortable spot on my bed. I moved to the recliner and slept there for an hour before being awakened by thunder. There was a loud storm last night with several periods when it rained heavily. Ordinarily I sleep well when it rains but last night was an exception.

Has anyone out there owned a DVD/VCR combination? I have found a JVC in the Crutchfield catalog that I like but I don't know if such devices are prone to problems. In the past when I've owned a VCR/TV combination such was the case.

My tape machine is giving me fits today. I am trying to go through the JAWS tutorial tapes but they keep creasing and mangling the tape. It must be a flaw of the machine, they tapes can't all be bad.

Well, I guess they can. Tape #2 broke. I skipped to #3 and it immediately began to bind.


Today has been absolute hell trying to work my most recent SPAR problem. I am reading the same program over and over and learning nothing. I don't know how to make this work.

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