Karl (louderback) wrote,

My writing is lagging. Usually a book I read makes me want to write or some conversation I have inspires a story idea (orsomething). Of late I've only listened to books and they seem not to inspire me in the same fashion. Conversation is not even on the menu . . . I see nobody and therefore converse not at all. LJ used to provide a substitute for conversation at times, but I have never had the sort of journal that inspires a lot of responses or questions. I note that sirlance has billed me as a "fount of wisdom" or some such. I think that is a code word for "old fogy" or whatever that might be in the current parlance. The post in which he pigeonholed me is one in which I am not too comfortable. Not that I mind being a "fount" and all... it is unlikely that you could stop my spouting my "wisdom" or at least my opinion. I simply don't like it when people assume they know my opinions in advance. "Fount of wisdom" usually means "dispenser of epigrams" which I regard as "boned" wisdom for those with weak philosophical teeth.

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