Karl (louderback) wrote,

Still feeling sick today. I'd go home if I could. I suppose this is yet another test of my stamina. The universe seems determined to see how much I can take.

geekgrrl, Your cause is just!You Canadians go ahead and dominate the U.S. On behalf of Missouri, I surrender. Go ahead and begin relocating the Baptists whenever you want.

Given the news of late ("friendly fire" the whole Middle East thing) I have come to belive that the U.S. is conducting wars based on headgear. Consider... Americans wear ball caps - forward, backward, whatever. This is pretty much universal in the U.S. save for the occasional abberant cowboy hat or fedora. Who are we fighting? People wearing turbans. This is not properly a hat at all, but cloth wound about the head. Obviously not"approved" headgear. Now factor in the Canadians. Betcha they were wearing those funny poofy things - again not "approved" headgear. The only thing that doesn't fit is the yamaka thingies the Israelis are wearing. I wonder if we'll start bombing them soon?

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