Karl (louderback) wrote,

Catching up with the last few weeks. . .

I'm going to visit Dr. Dodgers today. She is a cosmetic surgeon and will be looking at my bumps. That would be the bump on my palm and the bump on my head. Hopefully she will remove the former and reduce the latter. I am tired of being unable to wear glasses.

Today I have spent, so far, teaching JAWS to read COBOL. It is a tedious process and may easily take me the rest of the week just to get the basics. I have read through my problem report number 132 and will try to resolve it while teaching JAWS. The dictionary process is a little tedious. There really should be a key combination that goes directly to the dictionary dialog. I may try to create a script to accomplish that. That task seems to have been doomed to utter failure. I just don't know enough about scripts to do anything useful.

I have bagged the headset HirePotential supplied. The speakers or whatever were under the padding were so shaped that they poked my ears. Additionally, I didn't like the "split" headset concept. Right ear for JAWS and left for the telephone meant two cords dangling. I found it very uncomfortable. I prefer listening to the screen reader through speakers but have substituted my own old and worn-out headset. I use it for listening to talking books and am more comfortable with it.

The prospect of teaching JCL to my screen reader is a daunting one. I don't know how to approach it. JCL is hard to follow in some ways even when you can see it.

The morning is over. I went with Ralph and Cherie to have lunch a the Echo Lounge. Not a class place, but they had an excellent prime rib sandwich. The curly fries arrived hot and crispy ... an unusual event in my experience. At least I got out for lunch this week. I will be "dining in" the rest of the week.

I have had a headache all day (well, every day, but it isbad today. Lunch often helps but did not do so today. I hope my new doctor will get me on the track and find a way to cure my headache.

I cannot bear the thought of spending the afternoon teaching JAWS more JCL or COBOL. It is so staccato and so laborious that I will just do something else today. I think that will be my pattern this week. I'll teach JAWS in the mornings and try to do other things in the afternoon.

My writing has fallen by the wayside. I am writing nothing at all. Only my poetry survives. I am still writing about a poem a day and have been doing so since June. It is an odd form of expression for me, but the fact that I can express myself in an utterly free-form fashion and still produce "oetry" seems to keep me going.

More later. . .

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