Karl (louderback) wrote,

It's been a while ...

I haven't updated for a while. It has been increasingly difficult to do my daily update. It has even been hard to motivate myself to do so. I have really had little to report and that little has been of minimal interest even to me. I have just gone through a week of JAWS training. JAWS is the screen reader I use at work (and now at home as well). The man who spent a week with me side-by-side in my office was Larry B. from a company called HirePotential. If any of you know of the company and anything about it, I would appreciate your input on their reputation. Larry did a prodigious amount of work customizing my JAWS software. I appreciate it immensely. The customizations make my navigation around my machine much easier. All that is left is for me to become accustomed to the reader. I have been using JAWS for a while at home. The demo version has destroyed my home computer making me reboot every 30 minutes or so. I learned a good deal about JAWS from Larry while he was here. It is now a matter of applying it. I still haven't found anyone with the job title of programmer who is actually programming on a mainframe. I spoke about two weeks ago with a guy in Maryland who claimed to be a java programmer. I don't know what he really does for a living but he didn't know even elementry programming. I suspect he writes HTML for pages that others use. I am trying to work my way through a COBOL program today. It is incredibly annoying. Getting JAWS to read between the line numbers is almost impossible for me. I'm going to call Larry and ask him what can be done. My greatest remaining problem doing my job is trying to apprehend large blocks of code that are being read to me. So far I am having no luck at all. I have always been a visual learner and a very fast one. Doing this aurally(?) and in slow motion means I retain very little of what I hear. Do you get better at this? I am in the process of changing doctors. Dr. Jujube is a good doctor and all, but I am simply not getting better. I've had a headache since August, I'm cllinically depressed, I have no semblence of normalcy in my life, and nothing much is happening to alleviate that. I have interviewed Dr. Pontiac and he seems to have his act together. With the switch I will drop Doc Aruba and start going to the other endocrinologist in town, Doctor Arbalest. While making changes, I'm going to drop good ol' Dr. Slant in favour of Dr. Piggy. Things will be different. Better is my theory. This is really just my daily journal update, but I am going to cross-post it to no_pity in hopes that JAWS users and other low-vision types will give me some advice on how to increase my listening comprehension.

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