Karl (louderback) wrote,

World Domination Redux

Ah! and likewise, Ha!

geekgrrl Your evil plot unfurls. Your plans are revealed!

You twiddled my shower once too often. I stepped beneath the spray this morning and it was scalding! I reached down to adjust the handle and It was already turning. As I watched it changed settings from "teeth-chattering" to "bone-chilling."

Your evil Canadian plot to rule the world is thus revealed.

I put you on notice!

  1. Dismantle your evil psychokinetic Fembot nuniabiz!
  2. Repudiate your Unholy Alliance with Evil Shower Gnomes!

I see also that lutron has left you a long coded message. I don't know the significance of his completing Operation Tacitus, but I warn you not to proceed with Operation Demosthenes! Do so at your Peril!

My late wife was Quebecois.... I have connexions in Canadia. I'll incite riots! They'll be as rude to the touristas as the French (well, they'll try)! I get the Quebecois to secede from Canadia! Worse! I'll make them stay and force the rest of you to conduct all your business in Canadian and French!

Don't mess with me Grrl!


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