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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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World Domination Redux
nanowrimo 2010
Ah! and likewise, Ha!

geekgrrl Your evil plot unfurls. Your plans are revealed!

You twiddled my shower once too often. I stepped beneath the spray this morning and it was scalding! I reached down to adjust the handle and It was already turning. As I watched it changed settings from "teeth-chattering" to "bone-chilling."

Your evil Canadian plot to rule the world is thus revealed.

I put you on notice!

  1. Dismantle your evil psychokinetic Fembot nuniabiz!
  2. Repudiate your Unholy Alliance with Evil Shower Gnomes!

I see also that lutron has left you a long coded message. I don't know the significance of his completing Operation Tacitus, but I warn you not to proceed with Operation Demosthenes! Do so at your Peril!

My late wife was Quebecois.... I have connexions in Canadia. I'll incite riots! They'll be as rude to the touristas as the French (well, they'll try)! I get the Quebecois to secede from Canadia! Worse! I'll make them stay and force the rest of you to conduct all your business in Canadian and French!

Don't mess with me Grrl!

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Your idle threats do not scare me ! We Canadians are made of stronger stuff than that!
We already conduct business in BOTH official languages "Hoser and Frog"
And that Nunia is not my Fembot damn it, would that our scientists were able to deploy such fiendish devices, we would be able to fire all the shower gnomes and send them back to Sweden!

No Nunia is one of the elite "Norse Code warriors" a breed of specially trained Nordic-esqe females, bestowed with rapier sharp wits. Schooled in the fine art of "taunting" *shudder* No man can long withstand the stiletto sharp barbs of a Norse Code warrior when she is in attack mode!

If only Canada were so endowed.. we would be able to chase the snooty french out of Quebec. Why with an army of " Norse Code Warriors" we could turn them loose on Quebec's snootiest restaurants and hotels..just imagine the Maitre'des shocked reactions.. imagine their collective horror when they encounter patrons as equally sarcastic as they are.

No.. for now we are moving forward with our original plot, soon no shower or sink will be safe, but you are mistaken in one more point.
We have no desire to take over the rest of the world, just America, so we can force your schools to teach Canadian history and geography and social studies.

So that one day our children can travel in your country and not be mistaken for Eskimos, never again would a Canadian in the States have to explain that we actually have electricity and running water, paved roads and MacDonalds!
One day an ordinary Canadian will be able to conduct a conversation with an American and not be asked "Hey ...do you know Bob,, he lives in Canada too"

Yes ... I am Canadian, and we have control of all the water,, and all the free unspoiled spaces and the trees and...ok...ya I actually do know Bob... he's my uncle :op

Hi. Saw you friendlisted me, and wondered if I might know you from somewhere, or if you just "surfed on in," in the parlance of our times.

didn't find you in my friends list. I don't remember adding or deleting you . . .

I did find a number of common interests. We are both in Missouri, and the following interests are common to our list, ayn rand, poetry, writing, seattle, and tom waits.

I probably spotted your name in one of those categories and added you in. My only conjecture as to how your name dropped off is that I have in the past had my list reorgainze itself spontaneously.

I'm adding you back and hope to see you in objectivists or objectivism. Try out etherintomatter which I am moderating. It is pretty dull at the moment. I would welcome ideas on how to make it exciting.

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