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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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hmmm... there's something wrong here
nanowrimo 2010
Every morning when I step into the shower I turn the knob to the left to get the water a little warmer. I never turn it back to the right, about a quarter inch turn to the left puts the water at the temperature where I like it.

Why is it that if I turn the knob every morning it has never reached past "Hot" and "Scald" into the "Lobster" setting? Why am I not steamed?

Do I turn the knob to the right as I shut it off?

I s there an evil plot afoot by my family? None of them use my shower... do they sneak in and adjust the temperature hoping to cause me to freeze to death some morning? Is it an incredibly subtle assassination attempt?


That's my theory.

Evil Shower Gnomes.

It's all so clear now.