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As I was saying...

The horrific part about yesterday was my inability to keep up. I had no idea how far behind the curve I've fallen. I lament my thought processes being slowed by my slow reading and comprehension speed, but I really had no idea how badly I've fallen off.

Firstly, I have had no new topic of conversation for a year. I just don't have enough contact with anyone to have an opinion on much of any subject, nor have I enough input of new information to be much informed of anything relevant. I was reduced to repeating old anecdotes, and my stories of bygone eras to keep conversation alive.

Back in the day, Bob and I would have discussed new technology, potentials for its use, up and coming players in technology, jazz, science, and whatever. Instead we degenerated into a pseudo-philosophical mutual dissertation on utopian society.

Lunch yesterday was successful. We went to "Michael's Unforgettable Bar-B-Que" and found it quite good. The roast beef seems to have, at some point, to have been associated with a cow. The barbecue beans were delicious and even the potato salad was good. Bob turned a favorable smile on the cole slaw, a rare occurrence for him.

Today he and I may go to the movies and out for a dinner of some sort. Ice Age? I'm not sure. Weather permitting, of course. MO is 35° at the moment.


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